Essentials are roller skis, ski boots, ski poles, helmet and water pack.

Roller Skis

TRAIL KIDS are young for roller skiing but there are times that kids from some clubs play on skis in the fall. Talk to your local coaches about whether roller skiing is right for you and what options there are for equipment availability.


Ski Boots

Options for boots include those dedicated to classic skiing, those dedicated to only skate skiing, or combi boots that can be used for both techniques. Combi boots are the perfect option for TRAIL KIDS age levels when feet are growing so fast.


Ski Poles

Pole heights need to be different for classic and skate skiing, so two pairs of poles are needed. Classic poles should be shoulder height and skate poles should be mouth height when on skis.



We require wearing your helmet, and it is critical that it be sized appropriately and adjusted for a snug fit, positioned to protect the front of your head. Any coach, or bike or ski shop can help you adjust your helmet properly.


Water Pack

It is critical, especially vital on warm days, to stay hydrated. There are several different configurations of water packs that you can carry with you. A water belt is one of the easiest ways to keep the water pack in place and from getting in your way while skiing.